ZipGO – Food HDPE

With its food-grade polyethylene (PE) construction, the rapid door not only adheres to food regulations but also provides flexibility in cleaning and safety measures. It ensures compliance with legal standards and offers a cost-effective solution for companies operating in the food industry.

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    Data sheet


    Beam and uprights

    Not self-supporting, with rectangular stainless steel cross section and rectangular uprights section in high density polyethylene (HDPE).


    Width 5000 mm x Height 5000 mm
    Other sizes available upon request

    Motor cover

    Stainless steel


    System with high density self-lubricating polyene guides and sliding hinge on the cloth


    Double-sided PVC ripstop fabric

    Colors of choice with a weight equal to 950 gr/m²

    On request
    Translucent 35/40%, FDA white, antistatic
    PVC fabric 1300 gr/m², 6 W/m²K



    Type of window

    Transparent crystal

    Window colour



    Opening › up to 2,2 m/s

    Closing › 0,8 m/s

    Mechanical and electronic

    Control panel

    IP65 PVC panel (300 x 400 x 150 mm)

    On request
    Stainless steel, IP54 painted steel (300 x 500 x 150 mm)

    Components and features

    • 50/60 Hz inverter with absolute encoder
    • Start/ Stop button
    • 2 clean contacts (door open/closed/alarm)
    • Interconnection 2 doors automatic/ manual
    • Motor and switchgear protection category IP54

    Main supply

    230V AC single phase

    A richesta
    Power supply 1 CV, 230V max 16A
    Power supply 3 CV, 230V max 16A
    Power supply 3 CV, 400V max 10A


    Plug and Play IP65 system


    Standard UNI EN 13241/CE


    Ref.s EN 12425, 12489/CE

    Class 1

    Air permeability

    Ref. EN 12426:2001

    Class 2


    Ref. EN12428

    6,02 W/m2K


    Ref.s EN 12604, EN 12605

    1.000.000 of cycles

    The above values may vary based on the door sizing

    Operating temperature 0 C° not suitable for positive/negative temperatures



    Pair of IP65 photocells, anti-strain/reversal sensor

    On request
    IP65 Wireless Security Resistive Coast

    Emergency opening

    Crank release

    On request
    Chain release, UPS battery

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    Product for food companies and industries.
    Rapid door easy to disassemble and wash, for proper management of food production and storage environments.

    So why choose this door?

    1. Hygiene practice

    ZipGO Food is an industrial rapid door designed to meet the specific needs of the food industry, aligning with both regulatory requirements and strict hygiene and health regulations. Available in various configurations, this version features a streamlined design with only two angle options: 90 degrees or 45 degrees. This deliberate design choice minimizes surface area, effectively reducing the accumulation of dirt and ensuring optimal cleanliness and compliance with industry standards.

    2. Complies with food standards

    The hygiene and sanitary regulations in the food sector are rightly renowned for their strictness, especially concerning the maintenance cleaning of objects in proximity to food. That’s why we have engineered this version with practical disassembly features, enabling effortless autonomous maintenance for users. This thoughtful design ensures easy disassembly, allowing individuals to maintain the door with convenience and in full compliance with industry regulations.

    3. Easily removable

    This door has been meticulously designed for practical use in food environments. Through a specific and thoughtful design approach, our engineers have created an industrial rapid door that seamlessly aligns with the regulatory standards in hygiene and industrial sanitization. Moreover, it optimizes the necessary processes that need to be fulfilled, ensuring the door’s functionality while adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance.

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