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We provide specialized assistance to food companies seeking tailored solutions for regulating temperature and specific humidity within ripening chambers for fruits, vegetables, and other organic products. Precise control is crucial, as storing these items in environments with fluctuating climatic conditions can lead to significant quality loss.

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    Data sheet



    Width 5000 mm x Height 5000 mm


    Carterized rectangular/domed upper crossbar. Galvanized 20/10 perimeter structure with galvanization 200 microns.

    On request
    Possible overpainting with epoxy powders 160/180 microns

    Motor covering

    Stainless steel

    Lateral uprights

    Extruded polyethylene slide 1,000,000 molecules


    Maintenance-free lubricating auto hinge system with seal seal


    Double-sided PVC ripstop fabric

    Choice of colours weighing 950 gr/m²


    In contact at the top between the mantle and the cross-section housing, thick-walled polystyrene guides on the uprights



    Type of window

    Transparent crystal

    Window colour



    Opening › up to 2,2 m/s

    Closing › up to 0,8 m/s

    Mechanical and electronic

    Control panel

    Painted Metal Case (300 x 500 x 130 mm)

    Components and features

    • Single phase inverter with max power 2.2 kW
    • Three-phase control inverter with max power 4 kW
    • M8/M12 IP65 connector wiring
    • Display of status/errors display
    • Relay location
    • Compass function
    • Door lock disconnector
    • Emergency stop button

    Main supply

    230V AC single phase

    On request
    Three-phase self-braking connected directly to the winding shaft (fully carterized) and absolute position encoder.


    Standard UNI EN 13241/CE

    Water resistance

    Ref. EN 12426

    0.11 kPa for closed door – Class 3

    Air permeability

    Rif. EN 12426:2001

    Class 4


    Ref. ISO 717

    15 dB Rw


    Ref.s EN 12604, EN 12605

    1.000.000 of cycles
    > 200/hour

    The above values may vary based on the door sizing



    Pair of IP65 photocells, anti-strain/reversal sensor

    On request
    IP65 Wireless Resistive Safety Rib, H 2500 IP67 Multiple Radius Barrier

    Emergency opening

    Crank release

    On request
    Chain release, UPS battery

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    Product for food companies and industries.
    Rapid door easy to disassemble and wash, for proper management of food production and storage environments.

    So why choose this door?

    1. Hygiene practice

    The ZipGO Food is a specialized industrial door designed to cater to the specific needs of the food industry, addressing both regulatory requirements and stringent hygiene standards. This version comes in various configurations, featuring a linear design with only two angle options: 90 degrees or 45 degrees. This deliberate design choice minimizes surface area, thereby reducing the accumulation of dirt and ensuring compliance with the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

    2. Complies with food standards

    The hygiene and sanitation regulations in the food sector are rightly recognized for their strictness, especially concerning the maintenance and cleaning of objects in proximity to food. That’s why we have engineered this version with practical disassembly features, enabling effortless self-maintenance for users. This thoughtful design ensures easy autonomy for maintenance tasks, aligning seamlessly with industry standards and offering convenience to those in the food sector.

    3. Easily removable

    This door has been purposefully crafted for practical use in food environments. Through a specific design approach, our engineers have created an industrial rapid door that perfectly aligns with the regulatory standards in hygiene and industrial sanitization. Not only does it adhere to these stringent requirements, but it also optimizes the necessary processes that need to be carried out, ensuring seamless compliance.

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