ZipGO Cold – “Insulated single core”

In its standard version, the ZipGO Cold rapid door effectively keeps out the cold, thanks to its significant insulating surface. This surface forms an insulating barrier using micro air chambers in the insulating material, providing excellent thermal protection.

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    For cold rooms

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    Data sheet


    Beam and uprights


    Motor cover

    Galvanized steel

    On request
    Powder coated steel, AISI 304 Stainless steel


    High density self-lubricating Polizene guide system and sliding hinge on cloth


    Double-sided PVC ripstop fabric

    ~5mm insulated single core with a weight of ~ 1.7 Kg/m2


    Opening › up to 1,8 m/s

    Closing › up to 0,8 m/s

    Mechanical and electronic

    Control panel

    IP54 painted steel frame (300 x 500 x 150 mm)

    On request
    Stainless steel, PVC frame (300 x 400 x 150mm)

    Components and features

    • 50/60 Hz inverter with absolute encoder
    • Start/stop button
    • 2 clean contacts (door open/closed/alarm)
    • Interconnection 2 doors automatic/ manual
    • Motor and switchgear protection category IP54

    Main supply

    230V AC single-phase

    On request
    Power supply 1 HP, 230V max 16A
    Power supply 3 HP, 230V max 16A
    Power supply 3 HP, three-phase 400V


    Plug and Play IP65 system

    Heating kit

    Heating of electrical and mechanical parts by heating cable 30W ml


    Standard UNI EN 13241/CE


    Ref.s EN 12425, EN 12489

    Class 1

    Wind pressure

    Ref.s EN 12424, EN 12444

    Class 2

    Air permeability

    Ref.s EN 12426, EN 12427

    Class 1


    Ref. EN 12428

    2,5 W/m²K


    Ref.s EN 12604, EN 12605

    1.000.000 of cycles

    Operating temperature › +2 C° -18°C
    The values expressed in the tests carried out may vary according to the size of the door.



    Pair of photocells Costa resistive safety IP65, anti-strain sensor / reverse gear, resistive security IP65 Wireless

    On request
    Multi-beam barrier H 2500 IP67

    Emergency opening

    Crank release

    On request
    Chain, counterweight, UPS battery

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    ZipGO Cold - porte rapide glg doors




    Product for cold rooms and warehouses.
    High speed door for cold rooms, where it is necessary both thermal locking and speed.

    So why choose this door?

    1. For its resistance to cold

    The ZipGO Cold rapid door offers exceptional thermal resistance. Within the structure, including the cross casing and side pillars, the door comes pre-equipped with thermal resistances during production, ensuring the door structure remains free from freezing, thereby preventing accidents for operators. The heating cables inside the structure operate at temperatures higher than those of the freezer room, effectively reducing the formation of stalactites on the cross casing and minimizing the risk of accidents.

    2. Because it is always fast

    Even in extremely low-temperature conditions, the door ensures continuous operation at speeds of up to 2.2m/s, facilitating swift transitions between environments and preventing heat dispersion. To maintain the required low temperature or, more precisely, to preserve the temperature difference, various specialized variants and options are available for this version. These options enhance insulation capabilities beyond the standard version, ensuring superior thermal efficiency and optimal preservation of temperature levels.

    3. External blade operating intermittently

    It is specified that, for the sake of energy conservation and overall building efficiency, the air blade operates only when the door is being opened. This intelligent design minimizes the exchange of air molecules with the external environment, preserving the controlled temperature inside the room. This approach demonstrates a mindful consideration of energy consumption, contributing to the building’s overall efficiency.

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