ZipGO Alumina

An efficient high-speed door built with a modular extruded aluminum structure, simplifying shipping and on-site assembly. Designed to economically reach locations facing difficulties in receiving and/or installing.

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    Data sheet



    Without carter

    A richiesta
    Anodized aluminium carterization with partial cylindrical shape section, anodized aluminium carterization with total cylindrical shape section

    Lateral uprights

    70/80 mm anodized aluminium

    Motor cover

    Anodized aluminum


    Self-lubricating side hinge without rigid bars


    Double-sided PVC ripstop fabric

    Choice of colours weighing 950 gr/m²

    On request
    Insulated 7 mm (3.3 W/m2 k), Translucent 35/40%, FDA White, Antistatic



    Type of window

    Transparent crystal

    Window colour



    Opening › up to 2 m/s

    Closing › 0,8 m/s

    Mechanical and electronic

    Control panel

    IP54 painted steel frame (300 x 500 x 130 mm)

    Components and features

    • Emergency stop button
    • Door lock disconnector
    • Single phase inverter with max power 2.2 kW
    • Three-phase control inverter with max power 4 kW
    • M8/M12 IP65 connector wiring
    • Display of status/errors display
    • Relay location
    • Compass functions

    Main supply

    230V AC single phase


    Standard UNI EN 13241/CE

    Wind resistance

    Ref. s EN 12424, 13241/EC

    Class 2 *

    Wind speed with moving door

    < 20 m/s (60 km/h)

    Standard soundproofing

    ISO 170

    15 dB Rw

    Water resistance

    Ref. EN12426

    0.11 kPa for closed door – Class 3


    Ref.s EN 12604, EN 12605

    1.000.000 of cycles
    > 200 cycles/hour

    * the tests have been performed specifically on this version of ZipGO Alumina. It is possible to improve the wind resistance up to Class 4.

    Operating temperature › – 10 C°+ 70°C



    Pair of Costa resistive safety sensors IP65

    On request
    Multi-beam barrier H 2500 IP67

    Emergency opening

    Crank release

    On request
    Counterweight system, chain release

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    ZipGO Alumina

    Download the presentation of the version with aluminum structural components.

    So why choose this door?

    1. Easy to find forms

    The door’s construction with extruded aluminum profiles for both horizontal and vertical uprights ensures exceptional versatility in case of accidental damage. The chosen profile remains readily available in the market, unlike specially folded structures. This feature enables quick and cost-effective repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operational efficiency.

    2. Stainless

    Aluminum not only boasts remarkable lightweight properties but also exhibits outstanding resistance to oxidation. The thin oxide layer formed on its surface acts as a protective barrier, preventing oxygen from corroding the metal beneath. This natural oxidation process not only ensures excellent durability but also lends aluminum its characteristic silver aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for various applications.

    3. Easy to install

    The modular design of the ZipGO Alumina rapid door offers an additional advantage: easy installation. Assembling this door on-site is as straightforward as playing a game, allowing it to be quickly set up to deliver its benefits promptly.

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