TDL – Telescopic lip dock leveler

The telescopic lip dock leveler, with its extending lip feature, can compensate for significant vertical differences and handle heavier loads, surpassing the capabilities of standard dock levelers.

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    Width from 2000 to 2200 mm
    Depth from 2500 to 3400 mm
    Height from 600 to 800 mm
    Lip length from 500 mm to 1000 mm


    Telescopic lip

    Extensible and retractable for greater range u better positioning*
    * the connecting lip ramp/vehicle will be positioned at the most effective point to allow a safe and efficient loading and unloading while compensating for the difference in height between the vehicle and the warehouse floor.

    Positive excursion from level 0

    0-590 mm

    Negative excursion from level 0

    0-480 mm



    Anti-slip protective coating


    Side panels for safety

    Coloured side signals

    Yellow/black stripes indicating ramp movement.


    Side flaps on lip 125 mm


    Standard UNI EN 13241/CE

    Load capacity

    In accordance with EN 1398

    6000 kg

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    So why choose this product?

    1. Flexibility and adaptability

    Telescopic lip dock levelers offer exceptional flexibility and adaptability in loading and unloading operations. Their telescopic design enables easy extension or retraction, catering to specific needs. This versatility allows compatibility with various vehicles and loading scenarios, including trucks, vans, and containers of diverse heights and sizes. Moreover, the dock leveler’s adjustable length empowers you to overcome obstacles such as steps or gradients at the loading point, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

    2. Security

    Telescopic lip dock levelers prioritize safety in their design. Crafted from durable and sturdy materials, typically aluminum or steel, they have the strength to withstand heavy loads. Moreover, these levelers often feature non-slip or grooved surfaces, ensuring a secure grip during the loading and unloading processes, thus minimizing the risk of accidents or slips. The stability and safety provided by telescopic loading ramps contribute significantly to enhancing the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, safeguarding both the personnel involved and the goods being handled.

    3. Portability and ease of use

    Telescopic lip dock levelers are engineered to be lightweight and portable. They can be conveniently folded or disassembled into smaller sections, facilitating swift assembly and disassembly. This design feature makes them exceptionally well-suited for loading and unloading operations at diverse locations or for application on mobile fleet vehicles. Furthermore, many telescopic ramps come equipped with integrated wheels or handles, streamlining their movement and positioning. Their portability and user-friendly design render them a pragmatic solution for companies requiring a versatile dock leveler that can be effortlessly transported and deployed across various contexts.

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