Sliding folding door

This industrial door operates through horizontal sliding using a ground guide and is designed to prevent unauthorized access to the building.

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    Width up to 11600 mm x Height 6000 mm


    Thickness of 52 mm, composed of internal perimeter frame in galvanized steel, insulated with high density polyurethane foam (43 kg/mc).


    Prepainted smooth sheet, thickness 7/10.

    Joint profiles

    “H” profile in aluminium to join the panels in height; “C” profiles in aluminium for the upper and lower assembly of the panels.

    Top rail

    Made of pressed steel with wall mounting brackets and sliding bearings.

    Lower guide

    To be drowned on the floor, choice of various models available according to customer needs (supplied with positioning scheme).

    Floor sliding

    Supporting wheels with double sealed chamber bearing at the bottom of the doors.

    Bottom closure

    Nylon brush

    Side gaskets for closing

    Anti-aging black EPDM natural rubber for perfect sealing

    Closing of the door

    Internal racks complete with lower closing rods with reinforced toe and rod slides with PVC protection, galvanized steel and painted black.

    Opening system


    Features of the automation:

    • Operation: Automation with Present Man mode
    • Motion control: The door can only be activated by pressing a wall button in the immediate vicinity of the door.
    • Automation availability: Various automation options are available, which can be selected according to the door size.


    Mechanical drive by chain

    For sliding doors with single or two opposite doors, with motor/ three-phase 380V mounted/ i on top bearing rail painted. Includes control accessory push-button open-close.

    Mechanical motorization with rack

    For sliding doors with single or two opposite doors, with motor/ three-phase 380V applied/ i in the wall. Recommended for doors with light installation or large openings. Includes push-button accessory open-close.

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    Sliding door

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    So why choose this door?

    1. Efficiency and ease of access

    Industrial sliding doors provide a wide and convenient opening, facilitating easy access to industrial buildings, warehouses, or storage areas. Their sliding configuration maximizes available space both inside and outside the building, ensuring smooth movement of vehicles, machinery, and goods.

    2. Safety and protection

    Industrial sliding doors are engineered to provide robustness and security. Crafted from durable materials and outfitted with dependable locking systems, they guarantee the safety of the structures and goods housed within. Moreover, numerous industrial sliding doors can be enhanced with additional safety features, including obstacle detection sensors and controlled access systems, further enhancing the security of the area.

    3. Versatility and adaptability

    Industrial sliding doors are offered in a diverse range of sizes, materials, and designs, allowing for customization to meet the specific requirements of the company. They can be tailored to accommodate various environments and applications, ensuring an optimal solution for every situation. Additionally, sliding doors can be seamlessly integrated with automation and control systems, enhancing operational efficiency and workflow management.

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