RolliGO is a straightforward rapid door equipped with essential automation and a minimal design, making it suitable for various installations where advanced technology or strong wind resistance is not necessary.

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    Data sheet


    Beam and upright


    Motor cover

    Galvanized steel
    On request
    Powder coated steel, Stainless steel 441/304/316


    Double-sided PVC ripstop fabric

    Choice of colours with a weight of 900 gr/m² or 950 gr/m²
    On request
    Insulated 7 mm (3.3 W/m2 k), Translucent 35/40%, FDA White, Antistatic


    Transparent sectors H 600 mm

    Type of window

    Transparent crystal

    Window colour



    Opening › up to 0,8 m/s

    Closing › up to 0,5 m/s

    Mechanical and electronic

    Control panel

    IP54 painted steel frame (300 x 500 x 150 mm)

    On request
    Stainless steel, PVC frame (300 x 400 x 150mm)

    Components and features

    • Motor and switchgear protection category IP54
    • Modular thermal protection
    • Power transmitters
    • Start/ Stop button
    • Emergency stop button

    Main supply

    Power supply 3 HP, three-phase 400V
    On request
    Power supply 3 HP, three-phase 230V


    Standard UNI EN 13241/CE


    Ref.s EN 12425, EN 12489

    Class 1

    Wind pressure

    Ref.s EN 12424, EN 12444

    Class 2

    Air permeability

    Ref.s EN 12426, EN 12427

    Class 0


    Ref.s EN 12428, EN 12428

    6,02 W/m²K


    Ref.s EN 12604, EN 12605

    1.000.000 of cycles

    Operating temperature › – 30 C°+ 70°C – Door not recommended where there are large temperature differences between the two environments.



    Pair of Costa resistive safety sensors IP65

    On request
    Multi-beam barrier H 2500 IP67

    Emergency opening

    Crank release

    On request
    Counterweight system, chain release

    Special requests

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    Discover all the features of this logistics product to see if it is the right one for your business.


    RolliGO porte avvolgimento - glg doors



    Download the presentation file of our standard rapid door.

    So why choose this door?

    1. Because of its cost-effectiveness

    The RolliGO PVC roll-up door offers a safe and cost-effective solution for closing industrial shed spaces, allowing smooth passage for both people and vehicles. These doors are designed with a structure that ensures unparalleled durability, eliminating the need for extensive maintenance. Even routine maintenance is minimized, leading to significant cost and time savings for the buyer.

    2. For its ease of installation

    We design and manufacture the majority of door components within our own facility, ensuring a final product engineered for effortless and swift installation. Additionally, our technicians provide comprehensive instruction manuals for RolliGO doors (covering assembly, usage, and maintenance), further simplifying the installation process.

    3. It is indicated for each type of application

    The exceptional user-friendliness and streamlined design of this door render it the perfect closure solution for a wide array of product sectors. It caters to diverse settings, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, farms to food stores, and can be seamlessly integrated into various industrial and commercial environments. The RolliGO stands out as a reliable, efficient, and durable logistics product, making it a versatile choice across different industries.

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