GHL – Sectional door (partial horizontal)

The partial vertical sectional door, designed for industrial use, enables the lower part to open for efficient and comfortable access while keeping the upper part closed to ensure necessary protection and safety.

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    Width: up to 5500 mm
    Height: up to 6100 mm
    Min architrave height: 630 mm
    Max architrave height: 4050 mm
    *High-Lift Height (HL): 300 mm / 350 mm
    Guide side spaces: 120 mm
    Depth: Height – HL + 800 mm

    * 350 is subtracted in case h > 3400 mm, or when the door has a weight > 454 Kg. 300 is subtracted in all other cases.



    Pannelli coibentati H 500 mm, spessore 40 mm, con lamiera di acciaio zincato Sendzimir, anima in schiuma poliuretanica ad alta densità, autoestinguente e senza CFC. Profilo “salvadita” e cerniere in acciaio zincato resistenti al vento classe 2.


    External panel with RAL 9010 embossed white stucco finish.



    0.3 m/s

    Type of movement

    With partial vertical sliding


    Safety sensors

    • Type: Infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors or photocell sensors.
    • Function: They detect the presence of obstacles along the path of opening and closing the door.
    • Action: The door stops or reverses automatically when obstacles are detected.

    Safety edges

    • Type: Strips or bars positioned along the lower or side edges of the door.
    • Function: They detect contact with objects or people along the edges of the door.
    • Action: The door stops or automatically reverses on contact.

    Underrun protections

    • Type: Flexible or rubberized material installed inside the door.
    • Function: Prevent objects or people from being trapped between the sections of the door when closing.
    • Action: Protections bend or deform to prevent injury.

    Safety photocells

    • Type: Photocells that create an invisible beam of light along the path of the door.
    • Function: They detect the presence of objects or people in the vicinity of the door.
    • Action: The door stops or reverses automatically if the radius is interrupted.

    Emergency devices

    • Type: Emergency stop buttons or release rods.
    • Function: Allows you to immediately stop the movement of the door in case of emergency or imminent danger.
    • Action: By activating the emergency device, the door stops instantly.
    • Function: Allows you to immediately stop the movement of the door in case of emergency or imminent danger.
    • Action: By activating the emergency device, the door stops instantly.

    Safety brake on rope

    Designed to prevent sudden door collapse in case of breakage or malfunction of the lifting cables.

    Spring parachute

    Devices fitted as standard to inhibit the operation of the door in the event of a spring failure.

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    So why choose these gates?

    1. Advanced security

    Industrial sectional doors provide a superior level of safety for companies. Crafted from sturdy and durable materials like galvanized steel or aluminum, these doors are highly resistant to forced entry or damage. Additionally, they are equipped with advanced locks and locking systems, ensuring controlled and secure access to your facilities. The sectional panel structure acts as a barrier, effectively blocking the entry of atmospheric agents, dust, and insects, thereby maintaining the interior environment clean and protected.

    2. Maximum energy efficiency

    Industrial sectional doors are engineered to ensure exceptional energy efficiency. Featuring thermal and acoustic insulation in their panels, these doors minimize heat and noise dispersion, maintaining a consistent temperature within your industrial spaces. This leads to significant energy savings and reduced heating and cooling costs. Additionally, the swift opening and closing of sectional doors minimize air conditioning or heating loss, helping to maintain a comfortable and efficient working environment.

    3. Adaptability and customization

    Industrial sectional doors are incredibly versatile, designed to cater to the specific needs of your plant or warehouse. They come in a diverse range of sizes, shapes, and colors, enabling you to select the solution that seamlessly complements the architecture and style of your property. Moreover, these doors provide various opening options, including manual operation, automatic opening with remote control, or integration with corporate automation systems. This adaptability empowers you to customize sectional doors according to your precise needs, enhancing operational efficiency and overall functionality.

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