FrontGO – Front movable tunnel

It is a movable tunnel constructed in direct attachment to the existing hall. This solution serves as an excellent means to expand the internal working area of the main hall.

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    Fot Movable tunnels

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    Width up to 30000 mm x Height up to 10000 mm
    Infinite depth

    Not load-bearing structures

    • Material: Hot dip galvanized steel
    • Profiles: Suitably sized to guarantee strength and stability
    • Joints: Ribbed plates welded to UNI standard
    • Hardware: Suitable and certified for a solid connection

    Sliding mechanism

    • Truss-steel: Slide on the base of the uprights
    • Wheels: Special solid steel wheels with double ball bearing and watertight
    • Crankcase: Completely conceals the wheels, preventing injuries and damage during sliding


    • Material: 40/10 thickness pressed steel sheet
    • Fixing Options: External fixing with anchors on cement bottom or drowned flush with the floor in a concrete casting
    • Angle Anti-cracking: Predisposition for the use of angle anti-cracking

    Upwind elements

    • Central Uprights: Connected by mobile wind elements made with crossed steel profiles and pantograph type system
    • Sliding Devices: Ensure a smooth and controlled movement of the upwind elements



    PVC double coating 750 gr/sqm with fire retardant treatment in class II (also available in class I)


    Thermowelded plates with aeronautical velcro for a perfect adherence to the structure


    Triangular sectors in bispalmate PVC polyester fabric


    Sliding curtains

    Applicable on the fronts of the structure, with vertical windproof tubes, floor fixing bolts, metal locking bars and special tensioning systems.

    High speed doors

    Installation of fast automatic doors to facilitate frequent entry/exit transit.

    Emergency exits for pedestrians

    Equipped with panic bars to ensure adequate escape routes

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    Tunnel frontale FrontGO - glg doors



    Download the presentation of our PVC front movable tunnel

    So why choose this product?

    1. Flexibility and adaptability

    A movable tunnel provides the flexibility to be relocated or disassembled as required. It can be effortlessly transported and installed at various sites or locations, enabling quick adaptation to changes in business or spatial requirements. This versatility offers greater flexibility than a permanent facility, allowing seamless adjustments to meet evolving needs.

    2. Reduced cost

    Purchasing a mobile shed can provide a more cost-effective solution than constructing a traditional building. The expenses associated with acquiring and maintaining a mobile hall are typically lower since it does not require permanent foundations or complex construction work. Moreover, a mobile shed can be categorized as a deductible expense, offering the advantage of avoiding long-term lease costs.

    3. Fast installation times

    A movable tunnel can be installed much more swiftly than a traditional building. Due to the prefabrication of many components, the waiting time is significantly reduced. This enables you to establish a functional operating space rapidly, facilitating the prompt commencement or expansion of tasks.

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