Folding door

Folding doors are engineered to seal the building securely when not in use. They comprise large vertical panels with lateral packaging, covering substantial dimensions. In this configuration, the opening is divided with half panels on the right and half panels on the left.

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    Width up to 20000 mm x Height up to 6000 mm


    Thickness of 52 mm, composed of internal perimeter frame in galvanized steel, insulated with injected polyurethane foam with a density of 43 kg/mc. The panels are covered with 7/10 thick pre-painted smooth sheet metal.

    Top rail and side struts

    Galvanized steel with a thickness of 25/10, supplied in the standard version painted black. They form a solid structure for the door, allowing easy maneuvering and ensuring high stability and tightness.


    Made of black aluminium alloy, complete with pin with anti-fall system and double thrust bearing.

    Upper carriages

    Three wheels in anti-noise nylon


    Internal cariglioni complete with high and low closing rods with reinforced toe and slide rod with PVC protection, made of galvanized steel and painted black. Central floor closure via PVC skirting.


    Anti-aging black EPDM natural rubber seals between the doors to ensure a 50 mm anti-schiacciamento space and allow a perfect closure.

    Aluminium profiles

    Fixed in the upper and lower part of the doors, black, with special joint for the insertion of nylon brushes to ensure a perfect closure.

    Opening system


    Door supplied without automatic opening system.

    Set up

    Door supplied with predisposition for the installation of an automatic opening system.


    Door supplied with automatic opening system.



    Mechanics realized with irreversible geared motors, power 300 W, with external carter. Includes telescopic arm with supports to transmit movement during opening and closing, as well as a control panel with “open-close” button. Recommended for doors with installation over light and with small/ medium openings.



    Panels painted both on the outside and inside, with the possibility to choose from all the RAL colors in the GLG samples.

    Additional coverings of doors

    Coating options available on request, including 12/10 mm thick aluminum, 5/10 mm thick AISI 304 satin embossed stainless steel and wood-colored PVC.

    Cariglione for external closure

    Complete locking system with cylinder and external handle, mandatory for garage without secondary exits.

    Pedestrian door without lower threshold

    Pedestrian door without lower threshold, made with aluminum profile black color. Complete with panic handle, side latch, cylinder and external handle. Standard dimensions: 800/1200 mm x H 2100 mm.

    Pedestrian door with lower threshold

    Pedestrian door with a lower threshold of 90 mm, made with aluminum profile black color. Complete with handle, lock with key and possibility of customized dimensions (L depending on the door/ panel – H 2000/2100 mm). May include a panic bar.

    Pedestrian door on broken door

    Pedestrian door made on broken door, without lower crossbar. Complete with top stop profile, panic handle, high and low latch, cylinder and handle outside. Dimensions: width up to 1440 mm, height 2100 mm.

    Grids with perimeter frame:

    Grilles with perimeter frame, with aeration slats in pressed-bent sheet steel and painted black.


    Portholes available in different shapes (square, rectangular or circular) with black EPDM rubber perimeter seal or aluminum perimeter profile. Made of 5+5 mm thick glass (also double glazing) and available in different types such as transparent, satin and stop sol (light, bronze, gray).

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    Stacking panels

    Download the presentation of our stackable folding door

    So why choose this product?

    1. Safety and protection

    Industrial folding doors provide a high level of safety and protection for industrial structures. Crafted from durable materials like galvanized steel, they are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions including wind, rain, thermal fluctuations, and physical damage. These doors effectively shield industrial structures from unauthorized intrusion, theft, and damage.

    2. Energy efficiency and thermal insulation

    Industrial folding doors are meticulously designed to guarantee high energy efficiency and effective thermal insulation. Featuring insulated panels and injected polyurethane foam, these doors minimize heat losses during colder months and maintain a comfortable internal temperature. This results in substantial energy savings and reduced heating and cooling costs for industrial facilities.

    3. Ease of access and convenience

    Industrial folding doors present a practical and efficient solution for accessing industrial areas. Their folding design enables swift and effortless opening and closing, ensuring an efficient flow of goods and vehicles. Available in various sizes, these doors can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each company, facilitating access for vehicles of different sizes and streamlining daily operations.

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