FlexGO – Flexible hinged door

Highly adaptable and designed for frequent use in busy pedestrian areas, these strips serve as straightforward barriers, effectively dividing warehouse areas from public spaces.

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    Width 5000 mm x Height 6000 mm

    Supporting structure

    Galvanized steel profile, cold bent with monolithic structure available 3 profile models, depending on the size of the door.

    On request
    Supporting structure in AISI 304 stainless steel.


    Flexible panels

    Made of reinforced PVC on the torsion points with the addition of plasticisers for use even at low temperatures (up to -35) that maintain the characteristics of transparency and resistance to impact and abrasion.

    Transparent solution

    With flame resistant transparent PVC panels (thickness from 5 to 7 mm)

    Solution A

    With base in coloured PVC (yellow/grey) or black rubber with double canvas (thickness 8.5 mm) and transparent at the top.

    Solution B

    With plinth and headboard in colored PVC (yellow/gray) or black rubber double canvas (thickness 8.5 mm) and transparent in the central part.


    Opening and closing

    Manual with “swing” movement or motorized by means of pneumatic cylinder on large openings.


    Locking devices

    Opposed arms with adjustable torsion spring

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    So why choose this door?

    1. It is designed to split quickly

    FlexGO presents a cutting-edge solution, offering a broad and secure view of the surrounding workspace. This innovative flexible swing door is perfect for delineating operational areas in diverse industrial and commercial settings. Its utility extends to closing substantial entrances like depots and railway workshops, even in the presence of high voltage overhead lines. FlexGO stands as the epitome of safety and versatility, ensuring seamless separation in industrial and commercial environments.

    2. Has strong flexible panels

    Crafted from reinforced PVC at pivotal torsion points and enhanced with plasticizers to withstand low temperatures (down to -35°C), FlexGO maintains its transparency, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance. This exceptional design ensures durability and performance even in extreme cold conditions, making it a reliable choice for various industrial and commercial applications.

    3. It installs quickly

    Installation is swift and hassle-free. GLG swing doors, including the FlexGO Flexible Swing Door, are designed for effortless usability. This innovative solution excels in partitioning or enclosing bustling pedestrian areas, especially in environments where operators need to transition frequently between departments.

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