Fire door

A fire door is specifically engineered to withstand fire for a designated period, typically ranging from 30 to 120 minutes, offering crucial fire protection.

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    • One-leaf: Width up to 1340 mm x Height 2670 mm
    • Double-leaf: Width up to 2540 mm x Height 2670 mm

    Leaf door

    Particularly robust door leaf consisting of two walls in hot-dip galvanized sheet steel, pressed and spot welded.


    Sheet metal and insulating bundle are rigidly joined, and the insulation is made with treated mineral wool.

    Reinforcement and clamping plates

    Reinforcements and plates are provided inside the door for mounting closers and panic bars.


    Available in 60 mm thickness


    • Material: Sturdy frame in thick galvanized sheet steel.
    • Gaskets: Seats for thermoexpanding seal and rebate seal.
    • Zanche: Supplied with zanche to be assembled on site.
    • Thermoexpanding seals: Mounted on the perimeter profile of the frame, including the vertical profile if doors with 2 doors.

    Hinges and Lock

    • Hinges: Two three-wing hinges, one bearing with thrust balls and screws for vertical adjustment of the door, and one equipped with spring for self-closing.
    • Safety bolts: One or two security bolts applied on the hinge side.
    • Lock: Reversible lock with latch and central bolt and European cylinder.


    Handle and Paint job

    • Handle: Black plastic fire door handle with steel core, complete with plates.
    • Painting: Epoxy polyester powder coating for interior, semi-gloss scratch-resistant embossed finish, in the standard white color RAL 9010. Paint suitable for indoor use.

    Other accessories

    • Panic bars
    • Door closer
    • Closing regulators
    • Access control system via electric lock
    • Electrohandles
    • Door Lock Door Electromagnet
    • Fire resistant porthole

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    Fire door

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    So, why choose this door?

    1. Safety

    A fire door is engineered to withstand fire for a specific duration, typically ranging from 30 to 120 minutes, providing crucial protection in case of a fire outbreak. Its specialized structure and materials, such as intumescent steel, assist in confining the fire and smoke within a room, slowing down their spread and allowing ample time for the safe evacuation of the building occupants.

    2. Regulatory compliance

    In many jurisdictions, fire doors are obligatory for particular building types or specific areas within those structures. For example, they are frequently mandated in commercial buildings, public facilities, hospitals, schools, and multi-residential properties. Acquiring a fire door ensures adherence to local safety regulations, averting penalties and safeguarding the occupants within your premises.

    3. Soundproofing

    In addition to offering fire resistance, fire doors provide outstanding noise protection. Their sturdy construction and special insulating materials efficiently reduce sound transmission between rooms, fostering quieter and more comfortable environments.

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