CapGO – Industrial shed

This industrial shed features a sturdy steel skeleton designed to support the weight of rigid roofing panels, offering shelter comparable to that of a prefabricated shed.

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    Width 30000 mm x Height 10000 mm
    Infinite depth

    Type and material

    Load-bearing structure in welded and bolted prefabricated metal structure protected by hot galvanization.


    Wall panels

    Perimeter infill in sandwich panels consisting of external galvanized sheets and an internal layer of internal polyurethane foam (PUR) insulation.

    Cover panel

    Cover layer in sandwich panels consisting of two external galvanized sheets and an internal layer of insulation in polyurethane foam (PUR).


    Rainwater drainage system:

    • Canali di raccolta dell’Acqua piovana e relative tubature per lo smaltimento
    • Material: Insulated or pre-painted corrugated sheet

    This system includes canals specially designed to collect rainwater and associated pipes for disposal. The channels and pipes are made of insulated or pre-painted trapezoidal sheet, which guarantees resistance and protection from oxidation. The rainwater drainage system is an integral part of the structure and helps maintain the safety and integrity of the building.


    Skylights for natural lighting:

    • Tipo: Skylight for pitched roof
    • Material: Translucent polycarbonate
    • Placement: Both on the roof and walls

    The roof includes pitched skylights that allow natural light into the building. These skylights are made of translucent polycarbonate, a material that offers good light diffusion and weather resistance. Skylights can be placed on both the roof and walls to maximize natural lighting and improve the building’s energy efficiency.

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    So why choose this industrial shed?

    1. Energy efficiency

    The insulated metal storage sheds provide excellent energy efficiency owing to their insulating properties. The sandwich panels, composed of layers of insulating materials like polyurethane or rock wool, substantially minimize heat losses during winter and restrict the influx of heat during summer. This ensures a comfortable internal temperature, effectively lowering the expenses associated with heating and cooling the building.

    2. Moisture control and weather resistance

    The sandwich panels used in insulated sheds are meticulously engineered to provide robust protection against moisture and external weather conditions. These panels are highly resistant to water and moisture infiltration, effectively preventing mold formation and material degradation. Furthermore, the insulation significantly minimizes condensation formation inside the building, promoting a healthier and more durable environment.

    3. Quick installation, flexibility and reduced costs

    The prefabricated and modular nature of sandwich panels in insulated sheds ensures quick and effortless assembly. These custom-made panels are available in various sizes and thicknesses, offering enhanced flexibility in interior space design. Their lightweight construction simplifies transportation and installation, significantly reducing overall construction time and associated costs.

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