AutoGO Green – Agricultural tunnel

An agricultural arched tunnel provides effective weatherproof shelter for hay bales, tractors and agricultural implements. The tunnel structure creates a closed environment that keeps them safe from rain, snow, sun and wind.

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    Data sheet



    Width up to 15000 mm x Height up to 6000 mm
    Infinite depth


    Single arch in galvanized square tube in Sendzimir

    • Arch: Square tube 100×100.
    • Currents: “C” 40x20x10x2.
    • Counterwinds: Plate 30×5.
    • Main Picket (length 2m): Tube Ø2″½.
    • Secondary picket (first and last three arches): Tube Ø1″.


    Joint through special joints without visible welds

    Anchoring to the ground

    Options of anchoring:

    • Picket line
    • Concrete plate



    High resistance woven polyester, bispalmate in PVC 750 gr/sqm, Self-extinguishing Class 2.

    On request
    900 gr/sqm

    Temperature range that can be used

    -30°C to +70°C

    Tensile strength

    About 280 DaN/5 cm

    Tear resistance

    About 32 DaN



    • Tympanum
    • Sliding headboards with door
    • Fixed headboards
    • Headboards with sectional doors


    • Windows
    • “Column jumper”
    • Side door

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    Download the presentation of our agricultural tunnel

    So, why choose this agricultural tunnel?

    1. Weather protection

    An Agri Tunnel provides effective weatherproof shelter for hay bales, tractors, and agricultural implements. The Agri Tunnel’s enclosed structure creates a closed environment that safeguards them from rain, snow, sun, and wind. This preservation helps maintain the quality of hay and extends the lifespan of agricultural machinery, reducing damage and deterioration caused by weathering.

    2. Protection from animals and rodents

    Agri Tunnels can be equipped with quick-release locking systems designed to prevent access from unwanted animals, such as birds, rodents, and other wildlife. This feature significantly reduces the risk of damage to hay bales or agricultural machinery caused by animal bites, nesting, or excrement, ensuring the integrity of stored items and equipment.

    3. Storage and organization

    Agri Tunnels provide spacious and well-organized storage for hay bales, tractors, and agricultural tools. This efficient storage solution frees up valuable space in traditional storage facilities and workspaces, consolidating everything into one easily accessible location. Additionally, the movable tunnel structure offers protection against weathering, preventing the deterioration of hay bales and agricultural machinery due to prolonged exposure.

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