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This solution is perfect for installation in high-traffic pedestrian areas and escape routes, making it ideal for partitioning operational spaces in both industrial and food environments.

Flexible panels › Reinforced PVC on the torsion points
Cold resistance › Up to -35° (with addition of plasticizers)

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Designed to divide

FlexGO is the flexible door that allows a wide and safe view of the adjacent working environment.


What makes it unique

Ideal for the division of environments
It installs quickly
For frequent pedestrian crossings
With manual or automatic opening
Low maintenance


Where it is used

Generic industry
Railway and tramway workshops

Split quickly

The FlexGO flexible PVC swing door is an excellent choice for separating operational spaces in both industrial and commercial environments. It proves especially useful in closing large gates, such as depots and railway workshops, where high voltage overhead lines are present.

Flexible FlexGO door series installed for Trenitalia wagon depot to close access to workshops.

Flexible panels

Constructed with reinforced PVC at torsion points and enhanced with plasticizers, allowing usability even at low temperatures (up to -35°C). This material maintains transparency, along with resistance to impact and abrasion.

Up to -35°

How do you want it?


FlexGO is available in various versions, including manual opening with automatic spring closing, as well as an automatic version equipped with pneumatic and electro-pneumatic devices for automatic opening upon contact or through remote control methods such as buttons, tie rods, radar, and photocells.

Designed to last a lifetime

PVC reinforced

Very strong
Resistant to all

Against bumps and abrasions.

Can be installed in no time. GLG swing doors are quick and easy to use.

The FlexGO Flexible Swing Door is an excellent solution for dividing or closing high-traffic pedestrian areas within operating spaces. It’s particularly beneficial in environments where operators need to move frequently from one department to another.

3 version available


With transparent PVC panels hardly
flammable (thickness 5 to 7 mm)

Mixed A

With base in coloured PVC (yellow/grey) or black rubber with double canvas (thickness 8.5 mm) and transparent at the top.

Mixed B

With plinth and headboard in colored PVC (yellow/gray) or black rubber double canvas (thickness 8.5 mm) and transparent in the central part.

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2 year warranty on all components

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