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Ad hoc repairs, for any type of problem on the equipment.

Specifications and prices?

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In addition to designing and manufacturing industrial high-speed doors and various logistic equipment, we provide our customers with continuous service and prompt intervention. Our technicians assess the product’s wear and, if a component cannot be repaired, we replace the entire product to ensure optimal functionality.

Types of repair. Everything you need to know.

Repairs also include adjustment, an additional service to meet the safety standards required by law.

So why make repairs?

1. For a talk of economy

Providing inspection and/or scheduled maintenance ensures you and your company avoid high costs for the repair or replacement of one or more industrial equipment. Prevention is better than cure.

2. For the short time

Through our technicians we guarantee that the equipment within your company is in continuous safety status towards the workers.

3. For a question of logistics

In many cases companies have the obligation to provide inspections and/or scheduled maintenance on their industrial equipment. Choosing our maintenance plan means fulfilling these obligations.

Get help

Our contact person will process your request within 24 hours of sending the form to intervene promptly on the problem occurred.

Technical support always present. Prompt intervention to quickly carry out site repairs.
Electrotechnical, mechanical and textile reparator. You will have at your disposal a dedicated team of professionals.
Contact us, we will direct you to the solution that best suits your needs.