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PVC sheets. With custom graphics.

Our high-speed doors’ sheets can be customized with your company logo or a personalized graphic design, serving as an effective advertising medium in commercial spaces or making your industrial shed easily recognizable from the outside.

Renew your product.

Your own PVC sheet



Custom design

Absolute aesthetics

In addition to its unique metal structure design, this door can showcase its surface with high aesthetics. Both the metal part and the PVC coating can feature high-resolution silkscreen prints in a double four-color CMYK format.

porte rapide autoriparabili in pvc

Rapid door with CMYK silk screen
ZipGO Custom
Silk screen from € 229/mq
Resolution 1920p x 1080i
Technical elaboration included

  • Vector design
  • Printing on 6×6 anti-bend sheets
  • Durable silicone application
  • Direct HF welding on PVC

Types of printing. Everything you need to know.

Digital printing

Digital printing is primarily utilized to cover the entire canvas surface, providing a graphic appearance similar to that of advertising banners. The printing process involves a four-color process directly on the PVC surface. The color output is influenced by the base color of the canvas upon which the artwork is printed. For this type of printing, the required file must be submitted to the graphics team in a vector format (.pdf or .eps).

Silk screen

Screen printing, also known as silk-screen printing, is a technique used for printing lettering and simple logos in monochrome on various surfaces. It involves using a fabric screen to deposit ink on a support through the open areas of the screen. This method is ideal for creating basic designs in white or black. To initiate screen printing, the necessary file should be provided to the graphic designers in a vector format (.pdf or .eps).


The process described is known as resistance welding, where the heat required to melt the edges being welded is generated by the resistance to the passage of electric current through the area to be joined. Logos and custom graphics are printed separately on supports of A4 size sheets. To facilitate this type of processing, the necessary file should be provided to our graphics department in a vector format (.pdf or .eps).

A series of High Speed Doors customized with custom logos and graphics.

Request customization

Our contact person will process your request within 48h from the sending of the form to better meet your needs of customization of your industrial equipment.

Graphics department always present. Ready to support you in case of problems with the file.
Digital printing, screen printing and electro-welding. Various solutions for customized communication.
Contact us, we will direct you to the solution that best suits your needs.