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How does the remote work?

Our remote assistance, to try to solve problems even more promptly.

1 Request Support

If you have had a problem with your industrial equipment you can request to be CALLED BACK or use the service numbers you received to contact our technical support.

2 Talk to the operator

Upon receiving a callback, ensure you have the equipment ID ready for assistance. This allows the operator to locate and address the issue directly through remote support.

3 Follow the steps

Respond to the technician’s brief inquiries over the phone and position yourself in front of the equipment. Assist the operator in conducting tests for operational release.

What do we really need?

Here is a concise list of information that will aid us in accurately identifying the issue.

General data

Provide the name of the company that signed the maintenance, repair, or installation contract, along with the contract number and the name of the company contact person.

Equipment data

Share the list of equipment IDs under our care, or specifically, those that have incurred damage. Include the model or type of equipment for better identification.

Type of damage

Specify the cause related to the damaged equipment, its current status, and any signs of malfunction that have been observed.

Yor collaboration

In the case of a major failure or breakdown, we may request your assistance by having you positioned in front of the equipment during our support call.

Program for remote support
Direct download