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Do you have an urgent need?

Our technicians are prepared to promptly assist with your industrial equipment.

1 Dedicated number

If you have a maintenance plan with us and experience an issue with your industrial equipment, please reach out to our emergency number. For new customers, kindly complete the form below.

2 Tell us your problem

Even if you don’t have an equipment ID, we recommend answering the questions our operator will ask to better assist you.

3 We’ll be right there.

Upon receiving your responses, we will mobilize the most suitable technical team to address your emergency response requirements.

How do we handle the urgency?

Simple, through dedicated teams for emergency response.

How we take action

Within 24 h.

We have consistently prioritized the handling of emergency calls, dedicating a specialized team to respond promptly to any enterprise experiencing a sudden halt in production. Our emergency response team is equipped to address urgent activities for both companies with existing B2B contracts and those without signed agreements.

Sudden urgency

This channel is dedicated exclusively to emergencies or unforeseen events that you may have encountered on your company’s logistics equipment, GLG-branded or not.


Please use this form only for matters of real urgency and not to bypass production queues. Additional costs may apply to responses or interventions that exceed standard working hours. Additionally, the 2-hour intervention window is exclusively available to companies with an active maintenance plan subscription.