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How does the inspection work?

We are always prepared to meet with you to address any concerns and offer the optimal logistics solution for your needs.

1 Book a free site visit

Our sales teams are ready to provide you with professional assistance to meet your needs.

1 Login to book a free site visit

If you encounter a logistical challenge or need assistance with closing a deal, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our sales teams are ready to offer professional assistance tailored to your specific needs.



2 Be in the pipeline

After confirming the inspection with the nearest commercial technician, we will promptly notify you with a confirmation of the suggested appointment date.

If there is no availability, our back office will propose you other available after the CRM verification, within 72 hours.

3 Technical comparison

Throughout the on-site inspection phase, please communicate all your potential requests, allow us to assess the construction site, and then consider the proposals our commercial technician can offer based on the identified needs.

4 Done! And now to work.

After scheduling the free inspection appointment, our team will directly contact you and the technical contact a couple of days beforehand to finalize the meeting details.

What could we possibly need?

During the meeting with our contact person, we may inquire about some information regarding the construction site. We kindly request you to be prepared with relevant details for a smoother discussion.

A flexible meter

We will bring our own instrumentation, but for a collaborative examination of the yard’s measurements, four eyes are better than two. Kindly have a flexible meter ready for the session.

Printed dwg drawings

If you possess a map and other technical drawings of your facility, we would be pleased to review them on-site. This will allow us to delve deeper into the issues that need resolution during our discussions.

Sketches and ideas

If you’ve already presented a preliminary solution, share your plans for development. We are prepared to engage in discussions to enhance the initial concepts or to proceed directly with crafting a commercial offer based on them.