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porte rapide per industria cosmesi

RLD Chemical Ltd – Manufacturers of protective films for pharmaceutical capsules

I was pleasantly impressed by the high professionalism of the engineering team overseeing the project at the new mining quarry in Minnesota. My gratitude also extends to the team of installers who executed the work in the chemical studio on the ground floor.

Phil MartinezChemistry engineer
  • porte rapide per ambienti atex

    ZipGO Atex

    PVC antistatic
    AISI 316L stainless steel
    3 m³/h · m²
    9 m³/h · m²
    4.33 out of 5

    The ATEX industrial rapid door (ATEX stands for Atmosphères Explosives) is specifically designed to assist companies operating in environments with a high risk of explosion. It safeguards against potential explosions originating from objects in close proximity or possible contact with the door.

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porte a strisce

Costantino Gomme SpA – Suppliers and installers of tyres for commercial vehicles

  • flexible strip closure

    StripGO – Flexible strip closure

    3 mm thick transparent PVC
    Transparent PVC thickness 2 mm
    Transparent PVC thickness 2.5 mm
    See More
    No limits
    4.20 out of 5

    Inexpensive PVC strips, easy to install, are always in stock and require minimal maintenance.

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I express my gratitude to the team of fitters who installed the dividing strips in the premises of the authorized Costantino Gomme workshops in Milan.

Costantino RaggiDirettore di stabilimento
porte rapide impacchettamento per officine ferroviarie

FTS – Lorry and freight trains depot

I was impressed by the prompt installation of the 12 folding doors for the logistics hub in Rome dedicated to the storage of trains and freight wagons for FTS.

Enrico CostagliolaResponsabile acquisti
  • industrial folding door

    Folding door

    Insulated panel in aluminium
    Press-folded + Panel
    Galvanized steel
    Pre-painted steel
    Stainless steel
    Class 4
    4.60 out of 5

    Folding doors are engineered to seal the building securely when not in use. They comprise large vertical panels with lateral packaging, covering substantial dimensions. In this configuration, the opening is divided with half panels on the right and half panels on the left.

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