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Products designed for you    •    Rapid doors for cold stores 0/+4°    •    Self-repairable rapid doors    •     Fire and smoke doors REI 60 e 120    •    Dedicated consulting support    •    Customized development of the world’s largest industrial doors

Blending technical, organizational, and business skills in pursuit of a common goal. We aim to establish genuine partnerships where all parties can reap the benefits.


Great partners for great results.

Whether maintainers, installers, or sales experts, we are constantly seeking entities with significant ambitions to collectively establish the foundations of a consistent and enduring relationship that proves fruitful for both parties.

We create synergy to become great.


A continuous channel to stay connected and oversee every process and idea.


We collaboratively set the pace for our entities to stride in harmony.


Through effective role allocation, we facilitate employees’ engagement with a high-level reality.

Strong points

Collaborating with industry specialists, we leverage their expertise to deliver tailored services.

Mutual trust

We cultivate long-term collaborations with organizations whose ethics and professionalism resonate with ours. We choose our partners wisely.


Ready to be part of the change? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Looking for a sponsor? Let’s talk.

Let’s engage in business, let’s support each other’s growth, for together we can go far. We back ambitious entities aspiring to significant goals.

Send an email to collab@glgdoors.com

Who chose the GLG brand


ASD Chieri

Main sponsor for 5 years


Gabrielli Motorsport

Official sponsor for over 10 years