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📌 Location Belluno province
Client: n.a
Field: Car review center

porte rapide per autofficine e concessionarie

Economic rapid doors, for car service centers.

The Auto Review Center is a very busy and hectic place, where speed and efficiency are key to ensuring customer satisfaction and business success. One of the key aspects of a car overhaul center is the speed at which cars can enter and leave company spaces. That’s why the installation of two rapid doors side by side with transparent windows can make all the difference.

The car service center in question had a single main access door made from outdated materials, which often caused traffic problems and very long waiting times for customers. In addition, the front door did not allow you to see inside the car overhaul center, which made it difficult for customers to keep an eye on their vehicle.

The car overhaul center decided to install two PVC rapid doors side by side with transparent windows, in order to improve the speed of access and exit of cars and increase the visibility of the work done inside the workshop. The rapid doors were designed to be fully automated and were installed with a safety sensor system.

After the installation of the rapid doors, the car overhaul center found a significant reduction in customer waiting times. The ability to see inside the building also increased customers’ confidence in the service offered by the center, as they could keep an eye on their vehicle while it was being overhauled. In addition, the quick doors have improved air circulation within the workshop spaces, creating a more comfortable working environment for employees.

  • porte rapide avvolgimento in pvc


    PVC 900 gr/m²
    PVC 950 gr/m²
    Galvanized steel
    Painted steel
    Stainless steel
    4.38 out of 5

    RolliGO is a straightforward rapid door equipped with essential automation and a minimal design, making it suitable for various installations where advanced technology or strong wind resistance is not necessary.

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Logistical considerations

The installation of two rapid doors side by side with transparent window sectors has allowed the car overhaul center to significantly improve the speed of access and exit of vehicles, reduce customer waiting times and increase the visibility of the work done within the car service center. This has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and productivity of the car overhaul center, demonstrating the importance of investing in advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency and the quality of service offered.

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