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📌 Location Perugia province
Client: n.a.
Field: Material handling

industrial spiral doors

A combo with ZipGO quick port and spiral door

Material handling in a logistics warehouse often requires the use of durable, easy-to-use spiral door to ensure safe and efficient operations. Recently, a material handling company located in the province of Perugia decided to install a spiral door with a roll-up door for its warehouse, in order to improve its logistics.

The spiral door chosen by the company consisted of a hot galvanized steel winding, with side guides and motorized opening and closing system. The rapid door, however, was equipped with a system of reinsertion of the covering in the guides, in case of accidental collisions with vehicles and people.

The choice of this solution has proved very effective for several reasons. Firstly, the spiral door has ensured greater security for the warehouse, protecting access from unwanted intrusion. In addition, thanks to the rapid door with rectangular windows, it has been possible to reduce the opening/closing times of the entrances and at the same time the vision of the interior from outside the hall, thus improving the efficiency of loading and unloading operations.

The company also appreciated the versatility of the solution, which allowed to customize the dimensions and characteristics of the spiral door according to the specific needs of the warehouse. Thanks to this, the customer company has been able to optimize the space and adapt the spiral door to the different material handling needs.

Finally, the choice of a spiral door with a fold-up door was also economically advantageous. The solution has been designed to ensure a low environmental impact, with a reduction in energy consumption thanks to the use of advanced technologies.

  • self-repairing door zipgo


    2,0 m/s
    2,2 m/s
    Galvanized steel
    Painted steel
    Stainless steel
    4.50 out of 5

    It is the ultimate rapid door, designed to compartmentalize various environments for different purposes. Its exceptional flexibility allows for both internal and external use, often in conjunction with the movement of people or industrial machinery. Additionally, its self-repairable feature enhances its practicality and longevity.

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  • serrande industriali a spirale - glg doors

    Spiral door

    1,8 m/s
    Insulated panel in aluminium
    Press-folded + Panel
    Galvanized steel
    Class 3
    4.11 out of 5

    High Speed Insulated Spiral Doors are engineered to endure the most challenging conditions in industrial environments.

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Logistical considerations

Ultimately, the material handling company of the province of Perugia has chosen an innovative and effective solution for its logistics warehouse, demonstrating its attention to safety and efficiency of operations. The spiral door with rapid PVC door proved to be an excellent choice, offering concrete advantages and fully satisfying the needs of the company.

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