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Client: n.a.
Field: Healthcare

porte rapide per pronto soccorso

Rapid doors in series to improve vehicle handling

In hospitals, timeliness is crucial to the functioning of each department. Means of transport, such as ambulances, cars and other medical vehicles, must be able to enter and leave the hospital quickly, so as to ensure a rapid response to emergencies and maintain operational continuity. In addition, it is important to simplify the tasks of healthcare professionals as much as possible so that they can perform their functions more quickly and in an optimised manner.

To meet these requirements, the hospital in question decided to install a series of self-repairing high-speed doors in its hospital storage. These rapid doors are designed to open and close quickly, allowing for a fast and smooth flow of incoming and outgoing vehicles. In addition, the doors are equipped with safety sensors that detect the presence of objects or people, ensuring that the doors only open when the area is completely free.

The installation of self-repairing doors has resulted in a number of benefits for the hospital. First, the speed of opening and closing automatic doors has reduced waiting times for means of transport, ensuring more timely care for patients. In addition, fast hospital doors have been designed to withstand collisions and impacts, reducing the risk of damage to people and vehicles.

The self-repairing doors are also designed to be easy to repair in the event of accidental collisions. In the event of collisions or other accidents, the door cover is returned to the car structure and repaired, reducing downtime and ensuring the continuity of the vehicle storage.

Finally, hospital rapid door have been equipped with a number of safety features to ensure maximum safety for users. Door safety sensors can detect the presence of objects or people in the movement area of the door, preventing it from opening until the area is completely free.

  • self-repairing door zipgo


    2,0 m/s
    2,2 m/s
    Galvanized steel
    Painted steel
    Stainless steel
    4.50 out of 5

    It is the ultimate rapid door, designed to compartmentalize various environments for different purposes. Its exceptional flexibility allows for both internal and external use, often in conjunction with the movement of people or industrial machinery. Additionally, its self-repairable feature enhances its practicality and longevity.

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Logistical considerations

In conclusion, the installation of fast self-repairing doors at the warehouse of this hospital has resulted in a number of advantages in terms of speed, safety and operational continuity of the emergency service. The choice of this type of rapid doors represents a strategic investment to ensure a fast and smooth flow of transportation into and out of the hospital, while ensuring a more timely action by health professionals.

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