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Client: Italian army
Field: military defence

porte rapide per industria bellica

Fold-up doors, a line of defense.

In the realm of military operations, ensuring the efficiency and safety of military vehicle depots is paramount for the swift deployment of resources and safeguarding sensitive equipment. This case study delves into the implementation of a series of fold-up doors at an Italian Army military base, aiming to enhance logistics and fortify the protection of military vehicles.

The military base hosts an array of vehicles, encompassing tanks, armored vehicles, and transport vehicles. However, the existing storage system posed challenges. Traditional doors, with prolonged opening and closing times, hindered vehicle access and exit, and offered inadequate protection against strong winds, intrusions, and adverse weather conditions.

To overcome these obstacles, rapid doors with automated opening and closing mechanisms were introduced at the military vehicle depot. This technology facilitates swift and efficient vehicle access, opening and closing in seconds, thus reducing waiting times and ensuring a seamless flow of vehicles.

The installation of these rapid doors has yielded substantial benefits for the military base. Vehicle access and exit times have markedly decreased, enhancing overall operational efficiency. This heightened responsiveness enables the Italian army to address emergencies promptly and bolster agility in field operations.

Furthermore, the rapid doors provide enhanced protection against theft and intrusion. The hermetically sealed door mechanism thwarts unauthorized access, diminishing the risk of vehicle theft or damage—an especially crucial aspect for the security of sensitive military equipment.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the fold-up doors are engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions. Their robust and weatherproof construction shields vehicles from damage caused by rain, snow, wind, and other weather elements, ensuring safer and more efficient storage in the depot.

  • VertiGO

    PVC 900 gr/m²
    Class 2
    Class 3
    Galvanized steel
    Painted steel
    Stainless steel
    4.46 out of 5

    A folding door with excellent wind resistance, capable of managing openings up to 15m wide.

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