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📌 Luogo Via Nazionale 50, Stradella (PV)
Client: Maggi Srl
Field: Accessories and spare parts

porte rapide avvolgimento in pvc

Transparent sectors, the ideal solution to improve the visibility of the warehouse from the outside.

In the domain of industrial and agricultural parts marketing, operational efficiency and safety are paramount. Companies continually seek innovative approaches to enhance their internal processes and establish a secure working environment for employees. A notable example in this realm is Maggi Srl, a company in the province of Pavia that recently implemented a solution to augment visibility within the company: the installation of a rapid-winding door featuring three transparent windowed sectors.

Maggi Srl, managing a substantial warehouse dedicated to the storage and distribution of spare parts, grappled with the challenge of overseeing a constant flow of goods and handling machinery. In a bid to optimize these logistical operations, the company made the strategic decision to invest in an innovative solution: a rapid-winding industrial door. This door, enhanced by transparent windowed areas, facilitates improved visibility both inside and outside the warehouse.

The installation of the rapid door has yielded numerous advantages for Maggi Srl. Primarily, operational efficiency has witnessed a substantial improvement. The swift opening and closing of the door have significantly reduced access times to the warehouse, expediting the loading and unloading processes and enhancing the overall productivity of the company. Furthermore, the enhanced visibility provided by the windowed sectors has facilitated improved monitoring of operations, simplifying the control of supplies and the management of picking operations.

Beyond operational efficiency, the installation of the rapid-winding door has played a pivotal role in ensuring a safe working environment for Maggi Srl’s employees. The transparent windows facilitate the transmission of natural light into the warehouse, diminishing reliance on artificial lighting and fostering a more pleasant work atmosphere. Additionally, the door’s transparency enhances visibility in the transit area, mitigating the risk of accidents or collisions during movements within the warehouse.

The installation of the rapid-winding door garnered positive feedback from both Maggi Srl’s employees and customers. Employees noted an enhancement in working conditions and welcomed the increased ease of access to the warehouse. On the customer front, there were observed benefits such as expedited delivery times and heightened efficiency in order handling. This positive reception underscores the success of the innovative solution in meeting the needs of both internal operations and external stakeholders.

Logistic considerations

In conclusion, the installation of a rapid-winding door with transparent window areas at Maggi Srl has resulted in noteworthy enhancements in operational efficiency and safety. The company’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions reflects its dedication to optimizing operations and fostering a secure and productive work environment.

  • porte rapide avvolgimento in pvc


    PVC 900 gr/m²
    PVC 950 gr/m²
    Galvanized steel
    Painted steel
    Stainless steel
    4.38 out of 5

    RolliGO is a straightforward rapid door equipped with essential automation and a minimal design, making it suitable for various installations where advanced technology or strong wind resistance is not necessary.

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