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📌 Location Highway A6, Millesimo exit.
Client Autostrade per L’Italia

porte rapide ad impacchettamento in pvc

A new Vertigo for Torino-Savona

Today our technicians installers have finished the construction site at the Turin-Savona motorway at the gates of the exit of Millesimo by installing a rapid door for the safe closure of a storage area means and road equipment. The intervention required a lot of attention from the GLG installers as they had to install a rapid door in a circular-walled environment, being obviously a motorway tunnel. Our technicians carried out the installation of the Vertigo rapid door, initially covering the surrounding spaces with nylon sheeting and, subsequently, filled these spaces with concrete castings to seal the whole.

So, what problems have been solved?

Well, certainly in terms of logistics and space the Turin-Savona has optimized by far the space at its disposal. Before this installation, machinery and road vehicles were left at the roadside before operators returned to work because there were no garages on that stretch of motorway. Now the Autostrade group has a new storage space for vehicles and equipment where they can safely leave trucks, bulldozers and vans.

  • fire fold-up door

    VertiGO Fire

    Aluminum siliconated glass fiber
    Fireproof PVC
    AISI 304 stainless steel
    EI 60
    4.00 out of 5

    VertiGO Fire is a folding door specifically crafted to enhance the closure of spaces in environments where welding, grinding, and the production of hot materials occur. This versatile solution is also suitable for areas with any incandescent effects related to material melting, ensuring optimal safety and containment.

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A new safe house for the motorway

After such installation to brand GLG the freeway Turin-Savona now has a new remittance for trucks, vans of the road rescue and professional machinery for the maintenance of the freeway.

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